DJ Alite Interview with Vertex FM – 2006

Out Of The Dark and Into The Alite
 DJ Alite is one of drum & bass rising stars. DJ Alite is currently running her night Offbeat every fortnight at Club Colour inCamden.  Offbeat has been going sine July  2005, pushing some of the freshest drum & bass tunes and DJs around.
DJ Alite has been DJing for four years, she grew up in her nativeRome, and from an early age had a strong passion for music. It was attending the club  Magazzini Generali at 17 that switched her on to dance music, specifically progressive house. However, she found tiresome after a while, and after coming across drum & bass for the first time at Bluecheese, she was hooked! 
DJ Alite tells us more about Offbeat and what she has planned for 2006.
1. Tell me about Offbeat, and why it was set up?
Offbeat started in late July 2005 as a small mid week night with the aim of, supporting and pushing the up and coming dnb artists, establishing a night free of charge to increase interest for dnb beneath the people who have fallen out of love with dnb in its very dark years.
Offbeat has also featured DJ sets by established artists which have supported the cause by making it somehow possible for me financially to take the event to completion. Another feeling I try my best to deliver at offbeat, is that feeling of community. Another objective is to promote smaller scenes from across the world, like for instance the Italian scene.
2. What DJs have played at Offbeat?
Some of the bigger names that have hosted offbeat are Artificial Intelligence, A Sides, The Insiders, Miss Pink, Influx UK, Ill Logic and Raf alongside the growing artists that deserve as much attention..Alix Perez, SPY & Tisso, Tendai, Andy Mystic & Thirst, DJ Dymond, Samba, Future Thinkin members.
3. What have you got planned for Offbeat in 2006?
January has already started well with DJs from around the world coming to support Offbeat: Eshin from theUSas well as scheduled and confirmed artists fromAmsterdam,FinlandandItaly. Definitely, there will be new bits at the night and new collaborations withLondonbased crews and non-music related industries like fashion and art. Offbeat has already taken place outside of its home at Colour inCamdenTown, so in 2006, get ready to hear about it’s hosting aroundEurope!
 4. Offbeat the radio show on Vertex FM?
 What can we expect? Well, I can reassure good tunes and more information on tunes and nights as opposed to straight mix in and mix out. I promise guests will be very frequent at the show!
5. Your views and thoughts of the scene?
Has been way too closed up for ages, too much talk and little action and I sometimes noticed how narrow minded some promoters can be, where they believe their night is about them and nothing more.
I don’t see how its not clear that we r all on the same ship….on the other hand, I’ve learnt so much from these years in UK, I watched and observed and now I have tried to design my small event to push. Lots of respect for those who showed and still show the love for this activity either it being djing or promoting.
6. Whats it like being a female DJ/Promoter in the scene?
Im afraid it might have all been said before, but it can be helpful as well as can damage and put u constantly down. Helpful in the way that women do have a special way of percepting things, sometimes we notice small things that usually men are not attentive to.
Another way of seeing it, is instead of promoting a more obviously male dominated scene, its good to see that women can lead the show as well. This usually makes female ravers feel more at ease.
What can make it hard for women to push thru, tho, is the century old idea that women in the events and music industry are either WIVES, DAUGHTERS, GROUPIES or generally ATTENTION-SEEKERS. Wrong, very wrong and very dangerous to keep thinking so.


7. Who do you currently rate on the scene at the moment?
Talking about promoters or event organizers, I think the event that blew me away was repercussion last summer at the Egg….the recurring events I rate and I have  learnt from are Swerve, Movement, Traffic, Progression Session, recently Marky and Friends.
As a DJ alongside many others, I rate Friction for his perfection in mixing and the capability to go across the board. Storm can definitely leave you speechless.  The producers I fully trust when it comes to buying tunes are Calibre, Intalex, The Insiders, Marky, Craggz and PF.
8. Tell us about your house sets
I used to play house when I started off mixing back home inItaly. I always preferred the deepest side of house as opposed to the minimal and techy stuff around. I used to enjoy the warm and groovy beats to it, and I definitely miss playing out House, soon though there will be more of that coming!
8.  Shout outs
I would like to mention a couple people who have shown support and have either taken me on board or liaised with me.  Firstly, the Offbeat DJs that have played for the love (or almost), the people who have come down and those who have shown interestment.
I would also like to say a big thank you to the Nu directions Crew for making me as a resident when I had nothing to exchange with. for approaching me in such a friendly way without any mad expectation. Finally I would like to thank agents, managers, bar tenders, people just everyone that puts up with me.
Catch DJ Alite every Tues 6pm-9pm on from March 2006
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