Jon Vertex James Interview – with Vertex FM 2006


Love underground music? Too far away to hear your favourite pirate stations? Is your stereo only hitting Radio 4 frequencies? Well then enter the VERTEX… they’re here to set you free.


Jon James part of theLondon disciples that brought the world Vertex FM. Tell tails of a rocky motion they had to go through to get where they are.


“There were more of us to start with. People had to go.”


It can’t be easy getting a group of young underground music aficionados in their twenties into such a straight and narrow business that needs hard work and plenty of money- coming out of the pocket.


Apart from the trio’s interest in the underground, the business idea began at Jon’s excruciating university experience.

I’m a person that prefers to listen to the radio rather than watch TV, but studying outside London -I don’t really want to say which uni and give them the credit- meant I couldn’t listen to the pirate radio stations I was into.”


He adds.
“I was studying music technology at the time and that’s where the idea came to bring underground music to the masses without the slot times commercial radios restrict to.”
A business plan was drawn up quickly followed by a studio and  then the website.
In a small, rented out studio room, installed with all the gadget modicums; two computers, sound decks, music production software the hardest days of their movement was installing the studio room, which took all day in the world cup season.


“We had to painstakingly make a sound proof wall, get equipment through a mile of hall way… and I think Brazil were playing that day.” Jon recalls.


Since such harrowing days, a crowded white board of featured DJ signatures shows the boys have taken the leap from idea to existence. Recognised DJ’s including the likes of Candice McKenzie and Emma Feline have both made journeys to the studio room. Even DJ’s from aroundEuropeknow about the trio’s movement. The well respected Andrea Fuamberti sends his sets all the way fromNetherlands.


“Good DJ’s know good DJ’s so once we get one on, the others follow; as well as contacting them through My Space.”
Jon James explains. A self deprecating perception all three seem to have on their great plan to bring the underground to supporters around the world.
Vertex offers a range of musical choices chronicled with colours. Drum n bass in Vertex black, garage/broken beats in the warming Vertex blue, funky Vertex purple for funky house, Vertex red for RnB and a vintage segment playing old skool sets. “We know the value of the music we play.” Jon continues.
“90% of it is so underground and they have no MTV music video to promote it.”
In saying this, it is obvious these guys aren’t blind to the underground movement success.
“Funky house has had a good 2006. People are beginning to realise what’s out there.” Jon tells us.
However Vertex isn’t just a radio station website. It sells music, musical equipment, clothes, tickets to club nights, magazines and also a record label and fashion range diversifies their movement to the highest point.
“There is so much competition in radio, so we have our hands in a lot more things just in case…”
The Vertex website is also a musical educational tool for those who want to get clued up on their musical origins, also links to up and coming artists and musical literature.
The next step is to fuse the rave scene with Vertex, playing the sets live on the net.
Our web designers say we can do it, we don’t know exactly how, but they can.”
Being diverse is the new underground and Vertex has that in excess. Their website is listed above. They welcome everyone… What colour r u?
Written by Who Is Harmanoff? – Listen Now