Bluey Robinson

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A pop singer with serious soul, Bluey Robinson is one of the most exciting prospects of 2011. Born in Sweden and raised in London, the 22 year-old is a captivating, charismatic debut act whose song writing encapsulates a throwback feel with a futuristic twist.
Retaining a distinct British personality, there are also echoes of Prince, Otis Redding, The Jackson 5, Cee-Lo Green and Bruno Mars in Bluey’s sonic spectrum. “I’m influenced by a lot of old music but I’m also a young guy living in London in 2011, so I want to tie the two angles together,” says Bluey, who has worked with Labyrinth (‘Pass Out’) and toured with Tinie Tempah. “I don’t want it to be too retro where it doesn’t fit and no one can relate to it, or me.”