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Colonel Red
‘Confidence is the keyword for letting go of the constraints that
inhibit us from true expression’. This Redz has learnt on an
undulating journey that has taken him from his Birmingham birthplace,
the second of four sons born to a Jamaican father and an English
mother in the 60s, to the independent artist he is today.
In an atmosphere of racial unrest that had him ‘locked up’ at the age of 15,
he emerged inspired by the rich music culture he grew up with &
combined with Rastafarian philosophy saw a young rude boy Redz
sporting a natty Afro as he began to develop his craft. Redz first
experience of the industry ‘and flying’ was being whisked off to the
US in business class in the 90′s on a major record deal whirlwind and
extensive radio tour. A far cry from a later complete reinvention as an
independent artist building from the ground up and producing his own
debut Colonel Red album ‘Blue Eye Blak’ at the turn of the new millennium!
‘Keep Walkin’, Colonel Red’s new album, resonates with
the rich influences and experiences of Red’s heritage, yet still
speaks with honest humility of familiar themes of faith, hope and love
that capture the essence of the contradictions and challenges that
come to many of us, making the most of our lives, living our dreams
and finding love in a society that has us under pressure.
Making a departure from the electronic studio sounds of earlier productions,
the musical roots and deeply rhythmical hooks take you on a
soulsongal adventure through jazz,soul,funk,fusion and even operatics
The rich tapestry of themes embrace self empowerment in the voodoesque
soul of ‘Rain a Fall’ with its ghostly piano, “Realise, through the time, that the
signs that almost blinded me, too much light to see/ Never learnt, many hurt,
now I burn with the flames of Philosophy”. Other tracks, like ‘I Will Be There’,
take a sweet mournful road through the land of relationships. The backing
music is organic with horn lines working subtle trade offs against guitar and
keyboard melodies that provide an atmosphere for the whole album that is
intimate. Then there is Colonel Red’s voice that blesses the album the way
an eagle twists in the sky, at times whispering, floating, and at other moments
soaring high viewing the landscape of everything below. A special guest,
Ursula Rucker featured on the track ‘Gimme a Minute to Cry’ always graces
projects with cold eye honesty and shoots straight from the heart, as people
who have heard her contributions to classic albums by ‘The Roots’ and ’4Hero’
Keep Walkin is a profound collection of songs produced and written by this
multi-talented vocal doctor, and is accompanied in production by gifted
keyboard playing wizard Erik {Keyz} Ritfeld. The compositional vision,
sound, and science, ‘Keep Walkin’, Redz’ 3rd album, defines the past,
present, and future of Colonel Red and follows the highly acclaimed
2nd album ‘Sweet Liberation’ (released on Redz own Ruff Language label in 2009),
on the heels of the 2008 release of ‘Feel Glorious’ by Milez Benjiman’ {brain-child of Colonel Red}
on the Tru Thoughts label.
Redz has worked with and written for, such artists as, Maurice White,
Lenny White,Alex Acuna,Amp Fiddler,Keith Sweat,Teddy Pendegrass
Anita baker,Jerry Hey & the Seawind Orchestra,Shara Nelso,Lisa Lisa &
the Cult Jam, Sandra St Victor,IG Culture,Bugz in the Attic,Ursual Rucker,Tony
Allen,Dwight Trible, The Last Poets, Brian Jackson & many more soul legends,
Redz has been performing tours & live dates in the
USA,France,Germany, Switzerland,Holland,Greece,
Spain,Italy,UK Croatia,Romania,Serbia,Bulgaria,Austria,Belgium,Poland