Maxine Ashley | Perpetual Nights | Ft Pharrell Williams
Intoxicating and mesmerising are just two of the words that could be used to describe Bronx-born starlet Maxine Ashley.
Taken from her EP ‘Moodswings’, out now, ‘Perpetual Nights’ is a beautiful song and video to match  – sounding like classic noughties era Neptunes.
Smooth jazz and lounge beats mix seamlessly with pop and electro hooks throughout ‘Moodswings’. Collaborator Pharrell lends his slick production to the track ‘Perpetual Nights’, but that wasn’t the first time this quirky New York teen met the global superstar. Her YouTube channel, which has racked up a colossal 3.6 million hits, caught the attention of Pharrell, and so impressed was he that he signed her to his i am OTHER imprint. Maxine Ashley is now signed to i am OTHER/Outsiders (Universal) with a new album in the works.
Maxine Ashley is not one to shy away from experimentation. As well as reuniting with Pharrell on her upcoming album, she’s also brought in Kendrick Lamar and others as collaborators. She has also leant her vocal to the new Billon track ‘Special’, which is already making waves at radio and set for release on November 3rd.
Maxine Ashley is set to quickly become the name on everyone’s lips.