“The perfect Calibre experience. If you’ve ever wondered whether you should investigate pesky old d’n’b, turn this up and kick yourself.” 10/10 – Drum ‘n’ Bass Album of the Month – Mixmag
Almost as notorious for his quiet nature as his prolific production rate, Calibre has never managed an online presence, had his material remixed, or – until now – released a commercial mix CD. On FABRICLIVE 68, the Northern Irish artist uses his perfect ear for pitch to weave soulful vocals throughout a lush tapestry of deep, dubby and techno-tinged drum & bass, making an impeccable mix representative of his countless sets at fabric over the past decade.


This is the first time I’ve ever done a mix CD, so I was a little bit worried about how it would be received because sometimes when you’ve been doing something for so long, it’s hard to work out what people want from you because they all have different periods of work that they identify with. Some of the tunes that are on there, I’ve been playing at fabric over the years to varying degrees of effect. They’re just for me; they’re tunes that I’ve been playing for a long time some of them, so the mix is a representation of my work over the last ten years really.
1 Calibre – Intro [Signature]
2 DRS feat. Calibre – Keep The Faith [Soul:r]
3 Calibre – Clipper Man [C.I.A.]
4 DJ Marky & S.P.Y. – Yellow Shoes (Calibre Remix) [Innerground]
5 Bo Saris – She’s On Fire (Calibre Remix) [Decca]
6 Marcus Intalex – Emergency (Dub) [Soul:r]
7 Random Movement – Down Somehow [Innerground]
8 Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs – Garden (Calibre Remix) [Polydor]
9 Calibre – Simple Things [Signature]
10 SpectraSoul feat. Tamara Blessa – Away With Me (Calibre Remix) [Shogun Audio]
11 Zero T feat. Steo – Refusal (Calibre Mix) [Integral]
12 Lynx & Hellrazor – Passing Time [Soul:r]
13 Calibre – Notting Hill [Signature]
14 dBridge – Inner Disbelief [Exit]
15 Calibre – Hummer [Samurai]
16 Kodo – The Jackal (dBridge Remix) [Ingredients]
17 Calibre – Fire & Water [Soul:r]
18 Genotype – Justice Over Law [Exit]
19 Calibre – Blazin [V Recordings]
20 Calibre – Student Music [Commercial Suicide]
21 Calibre – Outro [Signature]