Listen to Ted Ganug: DJ/Producer/Musician – Exclusive Drum & Bass mix for Vertex FM
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This mix features alot of Teds own production work, plus some dubs
Currently based in New York City Ted Ganung is Co-Founder & Label Manager to Deeper VIsion Recordings, Co-Producer to Bianchi Musica and Teaches a Course in Music Production at Voyages Prep.
Formally trained in Music studying at University’s in Honolulu & London Ted is known for his production work and diverse background in music allowing him to weave many different feelings and styles into his DJ sets.

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1. D-pression- You Took Too Long (Ted Ganung Remix) [Deeper Vision Dub]
2. mSdoS & Ted Ganung- Linda (Original Mix) [Kraak Records]
3. mSdoS & Ted Ganung- Magician (Original Mix) [Liquid Drops Dub]
4. mSdoS & Ted Ganung- Nickeisha (Original Mix) [Liquid Drumz Dub]
5. Ted Ganung Ft.GGooDei-Memories of Happiness (mSdoS VIP) [Deeper Vision Recordings]
6. Ted Ganung & Dirty Genes Ft.Mariella-Weight of the World (Original Mix) [Liquid Brilliants]
7. Ji Ben Gong- Jazzomatic (Original Mix) [Soul Bros]
8. Scott Allen & mSdoS- Distant Memories (Original Mix) [Deeper Vision Recordings]
9.Ted Ganung Ft.LaMeduza-Bass Hits The Soul (Original Mix) [Phuzion Dub]
10. D-Pression-You Took Too Long (Darkman & Peeb Remix) [Deeper Vision Recordings]
11. Darkman & Vital Senses Ft.GGooDei- Take & Give (Orignal Mix) [Deeper Vision Dub]
12. Dave Shichman- 5th Sentence (DuoScience Remix) [Deeper Vision Dub]
13. Jam Thieves-Please Stay (Original Mix) [Addiction Digital]
14. Nookie-Only You (mSdoS & Ted Ganung Remix) [Phuzion Digital]
15. Ted Ganung-16th Ave Sessions (mSdoS Remix) [Deeper Vision Recordings]
15. Ted Ganung- Lucid Dreams (Original Mix) [Liquid Drops]
16. Sister Lubei & Ted Ganung-When Love(No Hold Backs Riddim) (J Bostron Remix) [Deeper Vision Dub]
17. Hansollo- Jah Jah is Coming (Original Mix) [Plush Recorrdings]
18. DJ K-On A Mission (Original MIx) [Big Cat Recordings]
19. Ted Ganung- Fade Away (Original Mix) [Dubplate]
20. DRF Featuring Kenny Ken- Everyman (Orignal Mix) [Rugged Vinyl Records]
21. Ted Ganung Ft.GGooDei-The Writings on The Wall (mSdoS VIP) [Deeper Vision Recordings]
22. Ted Ganung- Liquid (Original Mix) [Disco H.R.]
23. mSdoS- Soul Drops (Original Mix) [Liquid Drops]
24. Ted Ganung & mSdoS Ft.Bianchi Musica- Kyrie (Original Mix) [Kraak Records]
25. Ji Ben Gong- Jazzy Chair (Original Mix) [Pitbull Recs]