Lenzman announces debut album

Lenzman – Looking At The Stars
Lenzman has announced a 16th June release date for his debut album ‘Looking At The Stars’
The album arrives with all the aplomb you would expect from the Dutch producer, He has taken time over this project and the results reflect this. The long player solidifies the Lenzman sound you have come to love and edges it forward into new realms of production and style.
This project is about all types of human soul – from introspection to confidence to doubt. If there was word you could put to it – it would be honesty, a refreshing outlook in this ‘fast food’ landscape of modern music that we find ourselves in.
The album was crafted over a two year period, no rush was put on the producer to on the deliver an album as there is an intrinsic understanding of the artist from Goldie and the Metalheadz camp.
Guests have been cherry picked by Lenzman and for good reason, they are all hugely talented entities in themselves but when working with the beatsmith these talents move forward a giant step. They are all artists that Lenzman has worked with before and chemistry is stronger than ever.
Lenzman speaks on why he picked the guest vocalists he did:
“People who know me know I have a strong Hiphop background. Through Hiphop I discovered Funk, Jazz and of course Soul music. These genres will always be influential to my music. So when I was looking for vocalists I was looking for people who could bring that 90’s Hiphop flavour to my music and others that could bring that heart wrenching soul vibe. DRS is a don and I’ve worked with him before, Dan Stezo has been my homeboy since day dot – they provided the Hiphop vibe”
Martyna Baker was introduced to me by Goldie and she’s just got that raw talent and tremendous emotion in her voice and I choose Steo because I’ve always thought had a wicked voice and I’m glad I got to work with him on this project, I wanted this album to be personal more than anything. I made a conscious decision not that have any featured producers and as far as vocalists went I wanted to use people that were close to me in some shape or form…”
Another facet of the album is the musicians that have been used – Most prominently the incredibly talented multi-instrumentalist John-Louis Riccardi who provided several different instruments across the album. Tokyo based producer Makoto also contributes to the album with some vintage Rhodes playing on ‘Anticipate’ and a close friend Roel Schrijvers who plays Piano on ‘Starz’
If you have had your ear to the ground you would have heard some of the tracks gaining play on radio and in the clubs to fantastic reception. It’s an album we are very proud to release and are very excited for you guys to hear.
The first sampler from the album is available to pre-order now from HERE
The artwork is by Engine Design and the package comes presented in a collectable series of laser cut outer sleeves and printed cardboard inner sleeves, all in all presented in way that reflects the high quality level of the content itself.
Album Tracklist
01. Lazy Dub
02. Just Can’t Take (feat. DRS)
03. My Tearz (feat. Steo)
04. Through My Eyes
05. 1978 (Interlude)
06. Paper Faces (feat. Martyna Baker)
07. Move & Focus (feat. Dan Stezo)
08. Collapse
09. Private Eye
10. It’s Yours (Interlude)
11. Always
12. Burner
13. Anticipate (feat. Martyna Baker)
14. Starz (feat. Kevin King)
15. Empty Promise (Jubei Remix) [Bonus Track]