Check out Princess Nyah talking about her latest singles Heartbeat‏ & Champion, as well as talking about her sucesses in the world of fashion & business.
Label: Royletease Records LTD
Twitter: @princessnyah
Twiter: @VertexFM
Princess Nyah | Heartbeat‏
Heartbeat is the start of something new that hasn’t forgotten the old. Princess Nyah is ready to release the visual track that depicts her memories, reminiscences and, most importantly, her journey.
A combination of hard work, perseverance, self-belief and drive to succeed brought princess to this touching Instagram inspired video for her new track, Heartbeat.
As well as the sound of Princess Nyah’s soulful and unique vocals, the visuals are what complete the music masterpiece. The images are tied to a feeling and a narrative and all this is connected to the music. Produced by Wizzy Wow the production is heartfelt and touches your emotions making you reflect on your own journey and dreams.
Princess Nyah stumbled on a club classic with Frontline back in 2009, Princess Nyah was unceasingly reigned ‘Queen of Clubs’. With a strong and ever-growing following, Princess Nyah is an inspiration to many, as well as excelling at a musical career she is a successful business woman. We anticipated this is the first of many new songs that are coming from Princess Nyah.
Princess Nyah | CHAMPION
A nice follow on from a very honest heartbeat, CHAMPION screams evolution of our underground Princess. Nyah demonstrates that she is independent, tenacious and is back with a track to be reckoned with!
Not the first time Princess Nyah has taken her music from London to Ibiza, she proudly reintroduces herself to the music scene with her new single. A business woman, a musical empress and an inspiration to all, Princess Nyah is undoubtedly a triple threat as she moves us with her story, inspires young females while teaching men, women can mean business and still look good at the same.
The dirty base line and creative horns are courtesy of Miami Producer Llama Beats with the help of Grammy Award winner Angela Hunte on the pen, this track exudes power and growth. Princess Nyah has built a meaningful brand and developed a strong following through her achievements throughout her musical and business career reigning a true Champion.
Not impressed with anyone trying to stand in her way, the self-managed and courageous Nyah is destined to be the peoples champ with this new single.