Listen back to U.S female rapper Lizzo interview with Vertex / Vertex
Lizzo has arrived.
 In 2014’s hip-hop culture, built on stale rhymes about sex, money and drugs, Houston-bred, Minneapolis-based artist, Lizzo relies on inventive wordplay and an ability to seamlessly flow between rapping and singing to set her above the rest. Her debut solo release LIZZOBANGERS lives and dies by Lizzo’s unique delivery and cadence, fueled by the depth of her pop-culture, social and historic references, ranging from Lizzie Borden to Cogsworth to Anna Wintour.
Death and Taxes says, “Her confidence evokes that of the 90′s stars like the late Left Eye or Missy Elliot; her ability to flip styles is flawless, and the way she glides to and from spitfire versus to diva-like belting is dizzying, to say the least. What’s more? She’s real.”
Signed by Justin Vernon to his Gross National Product, the album was released last year in the US and sees it’s UK release by Virgin/EMI on – OUT NOW
The video was shot in the desert outside Las Vegas at a moments notice. It features famed ‘Memphis Jookin’’ dancer Lil Buck as well as a baby tiger adding up to a desert xtravaganza, bringing to mind Missy Elliot’s most surreal video moments.