Courtney Bennett – Motives‏
With “Motives” already hitting 40K+ hits in just a few weeks on Courtney Bennett Soundcloud.  I think its fair to say that there’s something about her that is familiar, something you can’t quite put your finger on but something that compels you to listen deeply and know more.
Courtney Bennett doesn’t do it by the book. She does things differently, possibly even backwards, but without even knowing it. She’s become famed in certain circles before the big wide world has even got to know her. M.I.A, Big Sean, Erykah Badu, Missy Elliot and Raekwon know her name, so why don’t you?
The West London singer does what she loves; sings, and with no agenda, she shared her gift with the world. Little did she know that her interpretation on classic and modern hits would be listened to over 5 million times on YouTube and see over 60,000 people subscribe to hear more.
Having sung her favorite tracks for so long, the free spirited songbird has finally grown wings of her own and releases her debut, self-penned single Motives, taken from her forthcoming EP He(art) Dealer.
The beat is smooth and laid-back with quirky futuristic synths mirroring the classy, elegant tone and lyrics of Courtney singing, before she mixes it up with a skippy, fast flowed rap verse, displaying the flair and aptitude she has cultivated.
Look out for some incredible features on the E.P and take a taste of Coutney Bennett’s ‘Motives’
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