Alain Ramanisum Interview

Up Close & Personal with Alain Ramanisum
On Friday 5th February we attended British Mauritian Waves event featuring the one & only Alain Ramanisum performing live at RnR Winebar Chingford, London. Alain Ramanisum is currently one of the most established Sega singers from Mauritius and has a highly anticipated relationship with beautiful singer Laura Beg.
Alain Ramanisum first found musical acclaim when he joined the Sega group Cassiya in 1992 until moving onto solo projects in 2002. Cassiya was formed in 1988 and considered to be one of the most famous Sega music groups from Mauritius.

When we interviewed Alain in person, we were quite astonished by his very laid back, kind and humble attitude. He briefly spoke about his musical inspirations and future collaborations. Alain was such an old soul he talked about the Beatles, Bee Gees and Eric Clapton as his British musical influences.
When asked about any British collaborations, he did not think this was possible as he believes Mauritius is such a small Island and his fans being restricted. Maybe it was time he led the way and made Sega music internationally renowned.

His British Mauritian fans would surely love him to collaborate with some British artists and put Sega music on the World map.
We briefly talked about his high profile relationship and he glowed mentioning he has been married to Laura Beg for 6 years now but known her for 14 years collectively. It is surely a delight to fans to see these artists together.
Overall, the venue was quite intimate and although many would think Alain deserves a much bigger stage to perform on, fans left the party feeling special being so up close, personal and in such close proximity to their favourite Mauritian Sega singer. Alain was able to sing and dance with the audience whilst moving into the crowd and interacting with the audience.
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