NSG return with an electric new single ‘Pushing Up’ featuring Not3s. Listen here. Having just stepped off supporting J Hus on his UK Tour, NSG are back with another huge track. With its smooth rhythm, excellent production courtesy of iO and catchy hook, the track is already promising to be a hit. NSG members impress both with individual skills as well as with how well they harmonise with one another, leaving no doubt that they are one of the strongest, most talented British collectives out right now.
In September last year, Not3s first shouted NSG to support him on his debut UK tour. From this moment, they built a musical connection which lead to ‘Pushing Up’. The track is an ode to the journey to the top, a subject matter which is at the heart of both acts music having had their breakthrough moments recently. The song is a perfect demonstration of NSG’s sound. One ready for the dance, one with an impactful message to keep moving forward, to grow.
“The song was almost made by mistake!” laugh NSG. “Not3s bumped into us were doing a session in another studio and he popped his head into the studio and asked to jump in the booth.”
About NSG:
NSG. It’s a simple yet vast acronym, seeping with potential. “It’s a lifestyle, a movement,” the group say. At first it stood for No Sleep Gang, then Non Stop Grinding. At the moment it means Never Stop Growing but that could change too. As member Kruddz explains, that’s why they refer to the name’s meaning as a lifestyle – it echoes what’s happening to NSG in the present moment.
Past and present names aside, the group reflects the most exciting components of the current UK music scene: a lively diasporic afro bashment sound and a larger-than-life personality, all rolled into one six member group. Comprised of members Kruddz, Mxjib, Mojo, OGD, Dope and Papii Abz. You’ll likely know them for their track ‘Yo Darlin’’, a dancefloor ready bop amassing an impressive amount of views and streams. The track also recently caught the attention of Liam Payne, who commissioned them to do a remix of one of his songs.
The members of the group are of either Ghanaian or Nigerian descent. Some of them came here at a young age, around eight and ten years old, others were born in the UK. Quite a few have been back too – or “sent back”, as they put it. It’s this cross-continent movement and upbringing that’s lead the group so easily to create their fusion of a sound, placing them at the peak of the movement that’s spreading not just across London but the world too.
All of the members came together while studying at Arts & Media School Islington. All of them that is except for Mojo, who they joke is “the one we found and looked after”.
Soon after they had a designated meeting spot: a studio that had been set-up in OGD and Kruddz’s house (“It’s where the history started”). Though his mother would often be in the house, she preferred them being there than outside on the road and potentially getting into trouble. OGD – the producer behind NSG’s tracks – initially started out writing dubstep before becoming intertwined with the sound of producer JAE5, who is behind most of the biggest tracks from J Hus, eventually leading him to create the sound NSG have become known for.
Essentially, NSG are climbing slowly toward their peak. On their own journey but also one that’s closely connected to the Afro-Bashment sound that’s creeping across the globe, the road ahead looks golden. Where do they want to go? “Global domination, baby,” they say.
“Right now we’re loading up the artillery. They said no nuclear weapons and we didn’t take that in. We’re loading them up. We’re not looking on a United Kingdom thing, we’re looking on a global thing.” Never Stop Growing indeed.